Saturday, 1 November 2014

Erik Spiek­er­mann


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Friday, 31 October 2014

Burkina Faso TV station. Fight the Power

Shriekback - In Amongst

Terms of Service: Understanding Our Role in the World of Big Data

Ingacio Evangelista: After Schengen

Europe's former border crossings went out of use after the Schengen Agreement. Almost 20 years on, Ingacio Evangelista captures them as remnants of another time

First Look finds the hard part isn’t the journalism, it’s reinventing how a newsroom works

Sleaford Mods - Tiswas


Clinton Heylin: Bob Dylan’s back pages - the truth behind the Basement Tapes

The Bug ft. Miss Red - Mi Lost

Production: Black Plumb Production (Aviya Wyse and Miss Red) & Daniel Tsukahira
Filming and Directing: Aviya Wyse & Daniel Tsukahira
Production Help: Or Engel, Nikola Wright, Gilli Menkes, Shirley Menkes, Itzik, Adva Guttel, Maya Kessel, and Ghostown Crew
The video was shot in Haifa City with the help and support of the local crew.
The Inspiration behind the song and video is the feeling of living and being a part of the small community Haifa (a sleepy and almost neglected city in the north of Israel) but wanting more from life.
(For Amit!)

Sex, Drugs & Molly Meldrum: An Excerpt From Steve Kilbey's New Book

The first blush of success


Middle East Meltdown

The Snipers Massacre on the Maidan in Ukraine

Omidyar-funded candidate takes seat in new Ukraine parliament

The inside story of Matt Taibbi's departure from First Look Media

The Kate Bush Story (BBC 2014)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bitcoin-Over-Tor Anonymity 'Can Be Busted for $2,500 a Month'

Inside the Dark Web (BBC Horizon)

Any Australians who still have no idea what metadata is should watch this doco

Tor Project: Anonymity Online

Tim Cook Speaks Up

The Bug VS Earth - Boa



Irony Dept.

Of course little Englanders aren't going to use an apostrophe because well he was a Greek philospher weren't he?

Ebola And The Australian Cult Of Selfishness

PJ Harvey Covers Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand'

I wrote on Facebook that this was proof that time heals MOST wounds. A friend who would know sent me this message: 'Nick & Polly get along ok, she turned up unannounced backstage at Hammersmith a few years ago and Nick's opening remark was "I suppose a fuck's out of the question ?" This broke the ice as it were'

Halloween WSB

The birth of Swans: Three veteran members talk reinventing the blues and their imposing debut album 'Filth'

Senator Scott Ludlam responds to data retention laws being introduced to Australian Parliament today

Australian Federal Police: We Could Use Metadata To Prosecute Pirates

Have you seen this cyber thief?

Black Cab - Victorious

Track from Black Cab's fourth album, Games Of The XXI Olympiad released November 2014.

1 Waldemar Cierpinski, East Germany, GDR Gold 2-09:55.0
2 Frank Shorter, United States,USA Silver 2-10:45.8
3 Karel Lismont, Belgium, BEL, Bronze 2-11:12.6

"It is now well known that East Germany operated a state-sponsored system of providing performance-enhancing drugs to as many as 10,000 athletes from about 1968 to 1988. Cierpinski was implicated by East German track and field research files uncovered by Werner Franke at the Stasi headquarters in Leipzig in the late 1990s.
As a result, 1976 silver medallist Frank Shorter has advocated the belief that Cierpinski cheated and has supported official review of past performances, i.e. considering stripping medals from athletes who are found later on to have cheated, as a deterrent to drug-cheats. Fourth-place finisher Don Kardong has also written that he believed Cierpinski was involved in the East German doping program. Shorter's allegations are very similar to those of Shirley Babashoff, who accused the East German women of drug cheating during the swimming events in the same Olympic Games."

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Oren Ambarchi’s Five Essential Records By Keiji Haino

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Atari Teenage Riot - Modern Liars (Live on Japanese TV)



UK Considers Punishing Computer Hacking With Life in Prison

Limited Liability

Ad Break

This story made me laugh until you read what happened to the man charged

"A man who was wrongly accused of possessing a video of a woman having sex with a tiger is attempting to change the law on "extreme pornography" in the U.K...
The Crown Prosecution Service said it only recognized that it was a man when the tiger was heard on the soundtrack saying, “That’s grrrrrrreat,” just like Tony the Tiger from the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes commercials."

Listen To A Concert Cellist Play A Duet With Her Own Brain