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Friday, 28 April 2017

What Doesn't Kill Me (Vic Chesnutt Documentary)


Imabari Meeting Live 1991 (includes Bill Laswell's Dropzone, Ginger Baker Band & Toshinori Kondo/IMA)

Ginger Baker Band - Ginger Baker: drums; Bill Laswell: bass; Anton Fier: keyboards; Foday Musa Suso: kora, vocal
Bill Laswell's Dropzone - Bill Laswell: bass; Anton Fier: drums; Kiyohiko Semba: drums; Akira Sakata: sax; Peter Brotzmann: sax
Disc info
The disc above is now my Laswell holy grail. If anyone has it to share I would be very grateful

Forest Swords - Panic / Arms Out

Calling All Active Agents (WSB) Mix

'Smash the control machine'
Tracks from Electronic Revolution/Real English Tea Made Here/Nothing Here Now But The Recordings/10% File Under Burroughs/Vaudeville Voices/Dub Spencer & Trance Hill/Ministry/Laurie Anderson/Bill Laswell & Material. Also features The Master Musicians of Joujouka with and without Ornette Coleman and opens with one of Paul Bowles' field recordings of Morocco

Donald Trump's First 100 Days In Office


Thursday, 27 April 2017

War with North Korea: No Joke

The Hungarian Rise And Fall Of Sebastian Gorka

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Laurel Halo - Jelly

Grateful Dead (ft Lowell George) - I Need A Miracle

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Shakedown Street rehearsal August 1, 1978

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Michael Rother talks krautrock, NEU! and David Bowie

From Bad Seeds to Bad Girl: Warren Ellis on his 'brutal' way of working

What's the chance?

NYT Anatomy of a Scene: Free Fire

Blink/Tic/Om (Laswell) Mix

Ambient>Tabla & Bass
1 Eternal Drift (Eternal Thaemlitz Curse Mix) by Material
2 Transfer Complete by Terre Thaemlitz & Bill Laswell
3 The Upper Air by Bill Laswell
4 Corpse Pose by Divination
5 Needle Drop by Bill Laswell
6 Holy Beggars by Oz Fritz
7 Asiyah Dub (Blinding The Starry Eyes Of God) by Automaton
8 Kashi/Lost Roads Orchestral Site/The Taliban/Black Ice/Shiva Myth by Bill Laswell
9 Mantra by Material
10 Morning Breeze by Asana
11 Devotional by Tabla Beat Science
Robert M. Pirsig R.I.P.

Monday, 24 April 2017

DJ Food VS Rammellzee (Solid Steel Radio Show 11/12/15)

Miles Davis - He Loved Him Madly (Columbia)
Rammelzee versus K-Rob - Beat Bop (Tartown / Profile)1982
K-Rob reveals the truth about Beat Bop (Part I+2) (Crane RTW online interview)
Rammellzee & Toxic C1 - Intro @ the Rhythm Lounge 1984
Slinky Gym School feat. Rammellzee - Crazy Sneaker (WEA)1984
Rammellzee & Shock Dell with The Grand Mixer DST - Rammellzee & Shock Dell at The Amphitheatre (Wildstyle Soundtrack / Animal Records) 1983
The Issac Jackson show - The Messages (excerpts) (Tellus Tools) 1982
Death Comet Crew - At The Marble Bar (Beggars Banquet) 1985
Death Comet Crew - Exterior Street (Beggars Banquet) 1985
Ghettovetts - Death Command (4th & Broadway / Island) 1988
Ghettovetts - Gangster Lean (4th & Broadway / Island) 1988
skit. Weapons (Gamma Proforma)
UNKLE - Rock On (Original/ Nut Cracker mix) (Mo Wax)1997
--- Gothic Futurism MoWax interview 1995
Material - No Guts No Galaxy (Palm Pictures / Axiom) 1999
Material - Hisstory (Palm Pictures / Axiom) 1999
New Flesh For Old feat. Rammellzee - His Stories Crockery (Big Dada) 2002
Part 2 - Rammellzee 1960-2010 (Atom Rooms film)
The Rammellzee - Here We Go (Tri-Eight Records ) 2003
The Rammellzee - I Be Ramm-Ell-Zee-Zee (Tri-Eight Records ) 2003
Ramm - Cheesy Lipstick (Gomma) 2003
SSTV/BBL WORLD- THE RAMM:ELL:ZEE (Japanese chat show)
New Flesh For Old feat Rammellzee - Mack Facts (Big Dada) 2002
The Rammellzee Vs. K-Rob - Beat Bop Part 2 (Gomma) 2004)
Praxis - Garbage Gods (Columbia Music Ent.) 2008
Praxis - Caution (Columbia Music Ent.) 2008
skit Who The Hell I Am? (Gamma Proforma)
Rammellzee - Brainstorm (Divine Styler remix) (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - How's My Girlfriends (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Crayzay (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Brainstorm (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Fight My Fire ( Edan mix) (Gamma Proforma) 2015
Rammellzee - Paint To Pave The Road (Gamma Proforma) 2015

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Bill Oreilly GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Richard Ford: ‘Who needs friends?’

Matt Johnson explains how his brother inspired 'We Can't Stop What's Coming', THE THE's first new vocal track in 15 years


Northern Exposure (Ice & Fire!) Mix

Music mix from Norway, Sweden & Finland
1 Gadni (Spirit of The Mountain) by Ande Somby (ft Chris Watson)
2 Biberslått by Nils Økland
3 His Eyes Were Suns by Jan Garbarek
4 Prism by Terje Isungset & Arve Henriksen
5 The Beauty of Decay by Eivind Aarset
6 AHOB 1 by Arve Henriksen & Teun Verbruggen
7 Phlegethon (Stream of Fire) by Arne Deforce & Mika Vainio
8 9.2 by Supersilent
9 4'41" by Pan Sonic
10 She Penetrates The Distant Silence by FIRE!
11 Tsirani Tsar by Tigran Hamasyan, Arve Hendriksen, Elvind Aarset & Jan Bang
12 Largo, Op.55: Largo by Terje Rypdal
13 Red Cafe by Erik Honore
14 Morgunstjarna by Trio Mediæval & Arve Henriksen
15 Tacker Herranom, Mats Hansu Polskan by Lena Willemark & Ale Möller
16 Áššogáttis by Sofia Jannok
17 Cuovgi Liekkas (Jah Wobble Remix II) by Mari Boine
18 Three Continents by Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen

The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar with Material - Apocalypse Live

Bachir Attar: ghaita, lira, guinbri
Mustapha Attar: ghaita, lira, drums
Ahmed Bakhat: drums, violin
Abdellah Bohkzar: drums
Mohamed el Attar: drums
Bill Laswell: bass
Hamid Drake: drums
Aiyb Dieng: percussion
Graham Hayens: cornet
Peter Apfelbaum: sax, flute
Oz Fritz: live sound
James Dellatacoma: backline
Recorded by Oz Fritz on July 10th, 2015 (Friday) at Gent Jazz Festival


13 Reasons Not To Watch '13 Reasons Why'

Friday, 21 April 2017

Goldie - Inner City Life (Burial Remix)

Goldie's 2017 Rebuild

(Available RSD17)

Spotted today in Northcote Melbourne

Photo by TimN

President Marine Le Pen’s first 100 days

Babyfather Cypher Mixtape


PJ Harvey - The Community Of Hope (Late Show)

Spoek Mathambo (ft Kajama & Fantasma) - I Found You

Thursday, 20 April 2017

A very important show was shown on Australian TV last night

The program was about people who had survived suicide attempts and having been there it really resonated with me.
My friend Akemi who is one of the featured people offers some good thoughts for all our survival.
If you are in Australia watch it HERE. If you are outside Australia well fire up your VPN

Remember him this way

The Character of Bill O'Reilly vs. The Real Bill O'Reilly

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Understanding Trump’s narcissism could be the key to opposing him

Colin Stetson - In The Clinches

Cosey Fanni Tutti on how she wrote Art Sex Music

Time to Tell

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Too Old To Die Young