Monday, 24 October 2016

The adults are in charge

This Is the Kind of Idiot That Congress Puts in Charge of Technology

Almost as good as Brandis on Metadata

Screaming Blue Messiahs

OGWT (1984)

Wild Blue Yonder

All Shook Down

Wild Blue Yonder/Four Engines Burning

Twin Cadillac Valentine

I Want To Be A Flintstone

Someone To Talk To (Live)

Live @University of Maryland (29/9/86)


Between Ballard's Ears

J.G.Ballard's early fiction is full of sonorous surrealism. In this special edition of Between the Ears we go Between Ballard's Ears. Two new, specially commissioned, binaural adaptations of his work reveal the soundscape of one of Britain's greatest imaginations. In Track 12, adapted by Brian Sibley, two men listen in to the fantastically amplified results of microsonics but a different, deadlier game is under way. Anton Lesser and Elliot Levey star. In Venus Smiles, adapted by Frank Cottrell Boyce, an enigmatic artist's sonic sculpture brings chaos and transformation to the luxury resort of Vermilion Sands. Christine Bottomley, Carl Prekopp, Keziah Joseph and David Sterne star in a story of death and transfiguration.
Sitar performed by Sheema Mukherjee. Sonic realization Mark Burman and Donald MacDonald


The Deuce

A very young Mark Stewart (& Gareth Sager) outside The Roxy Club (1977)

The Pop Group - Zipperface (Hanz 'Reducer Dub' Remix)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bob Weir - Lay My Lily Down

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Kilburn & The High Roads - Vidiot

Iron Sky 3?

Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic

Leslie Nassar R.I.P.

Bloody drunken drivers!

Q&A tech innovator Leslie Nassar killed in Idaho crash

Vale Leslie Nassar, engineering genius and champion shit-stirrer


‘The failure of so many urban utopias’

Imaginary Cities: An Interview with Darran Anderson

WTF Podcast: David Crosby

David Crosby readily admits that he probably shouldn't be alive. Drug addiction, alcoholism and health issues have taken their toll but have not knocked David out. He's still making music and going out on tour, but he had a little time to talk with Marc about The Byrds, CSN, Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, Altamont, Melissa Etheridge, and much more
Thanks Stan

Kami on words

Private Eyes

What’s in a Word? Inventing The ‘Drugs’ Problem

Trump VS Trump


The secret life of aircraft

'A Honeypot For Assholes': Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment

America 2016

The lost genius of Judee Sill

Steve Dillon R.I.P.

Just woke up to this sad news. 
Thirty years ago just as I was moving from Amsterdan to Melbourne my friend Scurvy Bastard (who as well as being best man at my wedding would go on to be immortalised as Si the Serial Killer in Preacher) put me in touch with Steve as he was looking for someone to letter his comics. Up until this point his dad had been doing it until he was stopped by a stroke. Unfortunately in those pre internet days logistically it was just impossible to organise. 
Rest easy Steve

Steve Dillon, Greatest Living Englishman, Dies Aged 54

James Chance & The Contortions - Melt Yourself Down

New album The Flesh Is Weak out on Nov 11
01. Melt Yourself Down
02. The Flesh Is Weak
03. Home Is Where the Hatred Is
04. The Splurge
05. Disciplinary Action
06. That’s Life
07. I (Who Have Nothing)
08. Snap It Back, Strip It Down
James Chance & Les Contortions Live in Milan at Lofi, May 22, 2016

01. Designed To Kill
02. Home Is Where the Hatred Is (Gil Scot Heron)
03. Do the Splurge
04. Street With No Name
05. Jaded
06. Melt Yourself Down
07. Disposable You
08. Put Me Back In My Cage
09. No Pity In the Naked City (Jackie Wilson/Alonzo Tucker)
10. Contort Yourself
11. I Can't Stand Myself (James Brown

Oh So Pretty – Punk in Print 1976-80

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Damned - New Rose

Released forty years ago today. I got my sis to send off to Stiff HQ in Alexander Street and get me a copy for xmas. A copy stamped 'plug copy' arrived back

The Pop Group - Zipperface

Friday, 21 October 2016

A BIGGER BOOK: The David Hockney SUMO

I SO wish that I could afford one of these but...

You and the team

Greg Davis - Grateful Dead Mixes Volumes 1 & 2

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Grateful Dead Mix - Volume 1
(June 2005 - Burlington VT)
Feedback (live at The Fillmore West San Francisco CA 08/21/68)
China Cat Sunflower (from Aoxomoxoa)
Seastones (from Seastones Sessions 11/28/73)
The Main Ten (from Mickey Hart Rolling Thunder)
Ripple (from American Beauty)
Spider Gawd (from Jerry Garcia Garcia) + Its Good To Be God (live at SF State Acid Test San Francisco CA 10/02/66)
That’s It For The Other One (from Anthem Of The Sun)
Seastones (original February 1975 version from Seastones) + What’s Become Of The Baby (from Aoxomoxoa)
New Potato Caboose (from Anthem Of The Sun)
Late For Supper (from Jerry Garcia Garcia) + Nirvana Army Rap (live at SF State Acid Test San Francisco CA 10/02/66)
Uncle John’s Band (from Workingman’s Dead)
Prankster Sound Collage #2 (live at SF State Acid Test San Francisco CA 10/02/66)
Attics Of My Life (from American Beauty)
Prankster Sound Collage #3 (live at SF State Acid Test San Francisco CA 10/02/66) + Fire On The Mountain (live at Mickey’s Barn Novato CA 1973)
St. Stephen (live at Harpur College Binghamton NY 05/02/70)
Rolling Thunder / Shoshone Invocation (from Mickey Hart Rolling Thunder) + Seastones (live 06/06/75)
We Bid You Goodnight (live at Berkeley Community Theater Berkeley CA 08/15/71)

Grateful Dead Mix - Volume 2
(April / May 2010 - Burlington VT)
Yamantaka (from Mickey Hart, Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings Yamantaka) + Bill Graham Presents... (from The Bugs - unreleased radio play 1982)
Ollin Arageed (from Rocking the Cradle - live at the Pyramids Cairo Egypt 09/16/78)
Stage Banter / Technical Difficulties (live at Woodstock Festival Bethel NY 08/16/69) + Seastones (from Seastones Sessions 11/28/73)
Fire On The Mountain (live at the Pauley Pavilion UCLA Los Angeles CA 12/30/78)
Bugs On Broadway (from The Bugs - unreleased radio play 1982) + Magnesium Night Light (from Infrared Roses)
Casey Jones (from Workingman's Dead Sessions)
Franklin's Tower (from Blues for Allah)
...Quick, the Baby Is Crying... (from Home Recordings Summer 1969)
The Barbed Wire Whipping Party (from Aoxomoxa Outtakes)
Seastones (from Seastones Sessions 11/28/73) + Magnificent Sevens (from Diga Rhythm Band) + Music To Be Born By (from Mickey Hart Music To Be Born By)
Stella Blue (from Steal Your Face - live at The Winterland San Francisco CA 10/20/74)
Eyes Of The World (from Wake Of The Flood)
Crowd Sculpture (from Infrared Roses) + The Bells The Bells (from The Bugs - unreleased radio play 1982)
Ollin Arageed (live at Uptown Theatre Chicago IL 11/18/78)
China Doll (from From The Mars Hotel)
Drone Collage includes The Revolving Mask of Yamantaka + Yamantaka + Solar Winds (from Mickey Hart, Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings Yamantaka) + Love Scene Improvisations (Take 4) (from Zabriskie Point Soundtrack outtakes by Jerry Garcia)
Touch of Grey (from In The Dark)
So it Came To Pass (from The Bugs - unreleased radio play 1982) + Seastones (from Seastones Sessions 11/28/73)
Dark Star (studio version from What A Long Strange Trip It's Been)
Dark Star (live at The Family Dog San Francisco CA 08/30/69) + Dark Star (live at The Fillmore East New York NY 01/02/70) + The Bells The Bells Reprise (from The Bugs - unreleased radio play 1982)
Estimated Prophet (live at Barton Hall, Cornell University Ithaca NY 05/08/77)
Star Spangled Banner & Closing Remarks (from The Fillmore Acid Test San Francisco CA 01/08/66)
Bird Song (from Ladies and Gentlemen live at The Fillmore East New York NY 04/28/71)
Love Scene Improvisations (Take 3) (from Zabriskie Point Soundtrack outtakes by Jerry Garcia)

A couple of interesting GD mixes by Greg Davis that I first encountered over at the sadly now defunct Arthur magazine. 
My thanks to Greg for reuploading them




Trump Debate Heavy Rock Bands


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Cat in the Hat says:

Thor & Friends - Medieval

A video for the Thor & Friends song Medieval, directed by Andy Byers. "I met Andy in 2004. He was playing in great band called Minus Story made up of 4 childhood friends from Boonville Missouri. I was touring with Shearwater. I loved these young , smart men and their dark twisted humor. In fact Jordan, the singer and keyboard player of Minus Story is now a core member of Thor&Friends. Andy has gone on to make all sets and costumes for Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno film as well as other artistic achievements. He still does work with her and he started a record label called Cosmic Dreamer. I was over the moon when he offered to make a video for Thor&Friends."
-Thor Harris

Adam Curtis: HyperNormalisation (BBC 2016)


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

David Fevyer: Reading the Anthropocene through science and apocalypse in the selected contemporary fiction of J.G. Ballard, Kurt Vonnegut, Cormac McCarthy and Ian McEwan

White House spokesman scoffs at 'snorting' Trump calling for drug tests

Amalgamated Futureless Artists - AFA's Song Around The World


Clinton wants a public health response to the opioid crisis. Trump wants more of the old drug war